Danijel Beljan


Hi I'm Danijel, one of the 3 co-founders, COO & Lead Front-end engineer at @konduktum. Want some new features on @konduktum? Just make a demand!


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4 pledgers demand view @linear linear @linear to execute Please give Konduktum 50% discount on the first year for our 3-person team pleeeeeasee :)) <3
@dnlbln started by @dnlbln
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3 pledgers demand view @Ravie Ravie @Ravie to execute Gosh, just saw the last loop you guys did! šŸ‘€ I'd totally pledge 20 bucks if you use "konduktum" as the word for your next live loop session!!! šŸ˜Ž
@kemane started by @kemane
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2 pledgers demand view @kemane Kemane BĆ¢ @kemane to execute Make a gesture drawing course for Quickposes!