Ana Aziz

Ana Aziz „Where is Aziz?“ speaks about the hardships of my uncle, who’s acting as the sole parent for the family of his four siblings who all passed away.
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What awaits you?

Giving someone a break can be life-changing

Aziz has been diagnosed with diabetes after being hospitalised four years ago as he collapsed in the middle of a market. It was only last year 2022 where he managed to get a proper treatment. He is doing much better than before the treatment, however the costs continue to keep him busier than he should be…


I know the western medical approach is phenomenal when it comes to fighting Symptoms. Yet, knowing how many losses and blows my uncle had to put up with - all I want for this human is to have a break. A relief, a little more space in the mind to not think about where to work next only to pay for the next round of medication - which ironically makes it a burden.

The Visit

We visited my father's old atelier in the south of Senegal - one of the most beautiful and quiet places on earth. The effects on my uncle were quite profound. It was his first time flying in a plane and seeing parts of his brother's life, friends, and surrounding. His organism managed to unwind for the first time in - who knows how long. If you happen to come across this song and like it, you can download it here - and by that give him a little break! Jerejef 🙏🏽

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