4 pledgers demand @linear linear @linear to execute Please give Konduktum 50% discount on the first year for our 3-person team pleeeeeasee :)) <3
Oh yes this would be amazing 🤓 PLEASE <3 Spende vor Ort
Discover more creators 5 pledgers demand view @Arregoces Arregocés Coronado Zarabata @Arregoces to execute After seeing your talent as a filmmaker we would love to provide you with the technical setup to be the filmmaker for the Kogi! Collecting funds for a Macbook. 16 pledgers demand view @seilerei Netzwerk Seilerei @seilerei to execute WINTERSONNENWENDE Event!!! 💚🍫 Und Ich würde zum Event einen Kakao anbieten, je nachdem wie hoch das Interesse ist! Also gerne alle mal Interesse bekunden!
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3 pledgers demand view @Ravie Ravie @Ravie to execute Gosh, just saw the last loop you guys did! 👀 I'd totally pledge 20 bucks if you use "konduktum" as the word for your next live loop session!!! 😎 1 pledger demands view @kemane Kemane Bâ @kemane to execute A Blenderworkshop exclusive from Kemane for me :D 1 pledger demands view @PorticoQuartet Portico Quartet @PorticoQuartet to execute Please give a concert in the Netherlands! Preferably, Utrecht or Amsterdam. But anything works really. 2 pledgers demand view @DeutscheBahn Deutsche Bahn @DeutscheBahn to execute DB stands for green transport. So make it even greener by turning the entire board-bistro vegan! 4 pledgers demand view @CraigMullins Craig Mullins @CraigMullins to execute 1 hour painting live demo of painting ANYTHING (in photoshop). PLEASE! 🎄 2 pledgers demand view @RootsenSneeky Rootsen Sneeky @RootsenSneeky to execute Reanimate Vollbartbaby!